Star Citizen Alpha PTU Patch 2.0.0 c verfügbar

Es gibt einen neuen PTU Patch und der ist ca. 12 GB groß.


Noch eine wichtige Info dazu:

Wenn ihr gepatcht habt Restartet euren Launcher.  Verified und löscht den User Folder sonst schießt er in gewissen Situationen den Server ab.


Bitte startet euren Launcher und Client neu um sicher zu stellen, dass ihr die neuste Version habt. Im Launcher sollte unten rechts jetzt die Versionsnummer 2.0.0-300277-PTU stehen. Aufgrund der vielen Hotfixes empfehlen wir dringend das PTU User Verzeichnis vor  dem Patchen zu löschen. Dies solltet ihr auch tun wenn plötzlich Grafikfehler im Spiel oder Abstürze beim Laden des Clients auftreten.

Falls ihr die Patch Notes nicht in eurem Launcher sehen könnt, startet ihn bitte sofort neu, damit er sich Updaten kann. Es gibt außerdem ein Problem bei dem die Avenger Varianten nicht in der PTU Umgebung erscheinen. Wenn das bei euch der Fall sein sollte, müsst ihr euren Account nochmals in das PTU kopieren um eure Avenger auf Crusader sehen zu können.

In dieser Testphase sendet eure Bugreports bitte an das PTU Issue Council , damit wir sie Optimal bearbeiten können. Bitte beachtet das dies nur für diese Phase des Tests gültig ist und das normale Issue Council nur für Bugs zuständig ist. Während dieser Testphase ist das PTU nur einer kleinen Gruppe von Testern zugänglich, aber wir werden diese Gruppe so schnell wie möglich erweitern. Die vollständigen Patch Notes findet ihr in eurem Launcher. Die bekannten Probleme mit dieser Version findet ihr ebenfalls im Launcher.

Wichtiger Hinweis zu dieser Version:

Der Aufzug im Hangar funktioniert nicht. Wenn ihr ihn benutzt um nach Crusader zu kommen, stürzt das Spiel ab. Nach Crusader könnt ihr jetzt per Mausklick im Hauptmenü kommen ( Universes-> Crusader).

Wenn ihr Crusader in Richtung Hangar verlasst, stürzt das Spiel ebenfalls ab.



Star Citizen Alpha Patch Notes v2.0.0

Alpha Patch 2.0.0 has been released to the PTU, and is now available for player testing. During this initial testing phase, PTU access will be restricted to a small group of players that we will expand on over time. This patch provides access to our first sampling of the Persistent Universe in the form of the gas giant Crusader and surrounding environs. These locations include Port Olisar transit station, Covalex Shipping Hub, Security Post Kareah and many scenic asteroid fields, comms arrays and research satellites that our team has been hard at work on. Arena Commander multiplayer and ArcCorp are unavailable on the current PTU during this phase of testing.

This also includes our first iteration on FPS, Multicrew technology, interior physics grid, quantum travel, IFCS, EVA, missions, and so much more.

At this stage of testing, please refer to the PTU Issue Council for submitting bugs and feedback for optimal turn-around time. Please note that this is only for this phase of PTU testing and that the normal Issue Council is for the submission of bugs only.

2.0.0 PTU Known Issues are also available for reading, however here are a few important call-outs from that page.

Returning to the Hangar from Crusader crashes the client.

Firing at the pirate encounter at Comm Array 306 causes a client crash.

The pirate encounter at Comm Array 849 causes a Code 0 disconnection.






Arena Commander




Social Module




Hangar Module



After launching the game, users now load into the Main Menu rather then going directly to Hangar. You have the option from the menu to “Go to Hangar” and “Electronic Access”.

For Selfland, Revel & York, and Aeroview Hangars, you can find the elevator through the double-doors directly behind your character when spawning into the central bay. Once inside, the elevator to ArcCorp is located on your right.

For VFG Industrial Hangar, you can find the double-doors underneath the platform where your character spawns, across from any ship you currently have in the central bay. Once you’ve passed through the double doors, the elevator to ArcCorp is located on your right.

Crusader and Area 18, ArcCorp are still accessible through the elevator in the Hangar.

Our first iteration on a Party grouping system is here!

You can right-click on players in your contact list, invite them to party, leave party and see all members of your party through the Contact interface (default hotkey “F11” on keyboard).


The new Constellation model is now live for the Constellation Andromeda, in both the Hangar, Arena Commander and Crusader.

User Interface

The crouch hotkey now acts as both a “hold” by holding down the crouch button, or can be toggled on and off.



Fixed an issue where the Retaliator would sometimes have graphical errors when viewed from outside the ship.

Fixed an issue where characters would sink through the normal seat collision when sitting in the pilot and co-pilot seat in the Cutlass Blue and Red.

Fixed an issue where characters would sometimes blackout after climbing into the pilot’s chair for the Vanduul Glaive, Scythe and Aegis Retaliator.

Fixed an issue where the Retaliator maneuvering thrusters were not in the landing mode when in the Hangar.


Fixed an issue where the back wall of the Industrial Hangar would sometimes look damaged.

Fixed an issue where the first-person camera would shake violently if it was tilted upward while a character was looking forward.

Arena Commander Module:



EVA and zero-g animations are now available for all flight-ready ships, in both Arena Commander and Crusader.

Landing zone icons now only appear on the HUD when the character is in radar range and landing mode is enabled.

Detection range for Landing Zones is now set to 1500m.

Our new IFCS flight module has gone live! Three flight modes are available. Precision, SCM and Cruise.

You can switch between them via the “V” key on the keyboard, “A” on the gamepad and Button 6 on the joystick by default.

Precision can only be accessed from SCM, while the ship is decelerating or stopped.

Cruise can only be accessed from SCM, while the ship is accelerating or at top speed.

SCM can always be accessed from either mode. This is the closest to our original flight mode, but with some changes in handling and performance for some ships.

Cruise mode is not available in Arena Commander modes or Tutorial, as the high speeds make it very easy for ships to hit the simulation boundaries.

Interior Physics Grids have been implemented for all flyable ships, in both Crusader and Arena Commander.

The first iteration of playable EMP attacks and mechanics are now available for testing.

It is now possible for ship components and HUD to be knocked offline by an EMP attack.

“Disabled” modes have been added to all components.


The Aegis Avenger Warlock EMP Module is now available for testing.

By default it is tied to Weapon Group 2. Activating Weapon Group 2 will begin charging the weapon.

There is a 10 second charge up with significant power use and 1.5s later it will fire, with an effective EMP range of 300m.


Characters that are inside of a ship belonging to another player will die when the ship-owner logs out of the game.

This is not how the functionality will work long term, but it is to prevent players from becoming stuck in space or trapped in an abandoned ship.

Multicrew functionality is now available on the Anvil Gladiator, Cutlass. Pilots are encouraged to look for gunners on Crusader to take it for a spin.

The Constellation and Retaliator are now flyable in Arena Commander and Crusader.

Both ships have a longer self-destruct timer than previous ships to allow crew adequate time to escape.

All crew stations on both ships can be used, though some have limited functionality while the underlying systems they are intended to control are being iterated on.

Only the Constellation Andromeda variant is combat-ready at this point.

The new Avenger Titan, Stalker and Warlock variants are now Hangar and Flight-ready!

These can be accessed on both Crusader and Arena Commander.

The Avenger Warlock is equpped with the first iteration of its EMPweapon.

Crew stations and screens for adjusting power and shields are now functional on Multicrew ships.


VFX work has been done on many ships, for both combat and destruction.



The following changes to ships flight-handling have been made for the SCM mode.

The P-52 Merlin stop time is now 4.6s.

Cutlass now has 4s acceleration, 5.5s vertical strafe, break time is 9.6s, top speed in SCM is 210.

Aurora has a slightly higher jerkiness to its handling, to make it feel a little more like a cargo vessel.

Both fuel capacity and recharge rate for boost has been rebalanced for all ships as part of the IFCS flight model.


The Behring C-788 Combine Cannon is now a single-shot weapon.

The Tarantula GT-870 has had its dps reduced.

The Behring M3A Laser and M4A Laser heat cycle has been reduced.

The Mantis GT-220 heat cycle has been lengthened.

With the addition of EMP mechanics, distortion damage will be closely watched for potential tuning.


The health of the Cutlass has been rebalanced to equal roughly half of the mass of the ship.

The M50 has received a slight decrease in shields and hull health.

The M50 has received a slight increase in speed for SCM mode.

User Interface

Boost is now activated by holding down the “Right Shift” key on the Keyboard, the “B” key on the Gamepad, and “Button 7” on the Joystick by default.

Afterburner is now activated by tapping and then holding down the “Right Shift” key on the Keyboard, the “B” key on the Gamepad, and “Button 7” on the Joystick by default.

Countermeasure cycling default hotkey is now “X” on the Keyboard.

Headlook has been moved to “Left-Alt” by holding down the key, or double-tap to toggle.

Look Behind mode has been moved to “LeftCtrl+LeftAlt” on the Keyboard by default.

Target nearest hostile is now on the “C” key on the Keyboard, Left DPad on the GamePad, and Left-Hat on the Joystick by default.

Relative mouse mode has been moved to “LeftCtrl+X” key on the Keyboard by default.

Landing mode toggle has been moved to “Left Tumbler+Right DPad” by default on the GamePad, and “Button 10” on the Joystick by default.

“RightDPad” now cycles forward through hostiles by default on the GamePad.

“Fire weapon group 3” and “Fire weapon group 4” are no longer bound by default on the GamePad and Joystick.

Request Landing/Take Off is now bound to Button 4 on the Joystick by default, when in landing mode.

“Decouple Mode” is now bound to Button 3 on the Joystick by default.



Allied players should no longer appear as enemies on Vanduul Swarm Coop.

When respawn penalties are active, the timer will now show up correctly.


Fixed an issue where the 11-Series Broadsword was not subject to recoil.


Fixed an issue where the Vanduul Scythe was perpetually stuck in landing mode.

Fixed an issue where players could not reattach the Cutlass engines if they were removed on the holotable.

Fixed an issue where the Vanduul Scythe was perpetually stuck in landing mode.

Fixed an issue where the “Use” button for the Cutlass turret would not appear or be inaccessible due to conflicting prompts.

Fixed an issue where the HUD of the Hornet (all Variants) and Gladius would become detached from the player when accelerating, causing it to be left behind in space.


Fixed a clipping issue when a character would enter the rear turret of the Gladiator.

The Hornet now has left and right roll animations for the pilot.

User Interface

Fixed an issue where the “lag pip” for aiming weapons would sometimes disappear or drop out when the aiming ship was moving at very high speed or high distance.

Fixed an issue where joystick deadzone settings had disappeared from the control options.

Fixed an issue where joystick saturation settings had disappeared from the control options.


Fixed an issue where going into EVA on landing in Arena Commander would crash the game client to desktop.

Fixed an issue where players would get placed in a different map and rules from the ones listed in the Lobby.

Social Module:



Crusader is now available for players to access!

You can access the main transit hub for Crusader (Port Olisar) from the same main elevator inside of your Hangar that also leads to ArcCorp.

After a short journey your character will awaken in one of the many cozy bedrooms on Port Olisar.

Terminals on Port Olisar are available courtesy of Crusader Industries, to allow pilots to request flight-ready ships for delivery at one of Port Olisars convenient landing pads.

The ships provided at the terminals will have a default loadout for the ship, and any changes made at the Hangar holotable will not be reflected.

Ships requested via the terminal are locked to the person who summoned the ship, for approximately eight minutes, after which they are considered abandoned and can be piloted by anyone. Abandoned ships will eventually despawn.

This is not how the functionality will work long term, and is temporary for the purposes of testing.

There are many locations in the surrounding Crusader space to be discovered and explored, including Covelex Shipping Hub, Cry-Astro Service Station and others.

However not all locations available for exploration are immediately shown in your Quantum Travel navigation points. Try repairing Comm Arrays or roaming the map via Quantum Travel to see what you may find!

Port Olisar is a Armistice Zone. All weapons are disabled while in the zone, and pilots will need to leave the area to settle disputes or seek adventure.

The first iteration on Quantum Travel is now available for testing in Crusader.

It has been activated for all currently flyable ships except the P-52 Merlin, which is a fighter and is not intended to be capable of independent Quantum Travel.

Quantum Travel can be enabled with the “B” key on the keyboard by default. The default keybindings are “Left Tumbler+Left DPad” on the Gamepad, and “Button 12” on the Joystick.

Once enabled, you can rotate your ship until you have a local Navigation Point highlighted. The highlighted navigation point will have a large circle around it in the HUD.

Once you have the Point of Interest highlighted, press the middle mouse button, to enter Quantum Travel to that destination. The default keybinding is “Y” on the Gamepad and “Button 4” on the Joystick.

If an object exists in the path between the ship and the selected destination, the Nav point will warn that the target is “Obstructed”.

You cannot eject or self-destruct while in Quantum Travel. This is intended.

Fuel mechanics are also in place.

When you activate Quantum Travel mode, the Nav points will indicate how much fuel it will take to reach that destination, as a % of your remaining fuel.

Quantum Travel will let you transit even if you insufficient fuel to reach the destination, however it will only take you as far as your fuel allows.

Keep that and the location of the nearest refuel point in mind when planning to Quantum Travel.

Quantum Fuel available is listed in the bottom-right of the center HUD for most ships.

Cry-Astro Service Station 042 provides repair, refuel and restock to ships in Crusader space.

This includes reloading missiles, ballistic ammo and fuel for Quantum drives.

Weapons, Ammo and MediPens for healing needs are also available to be found on some stations, including the Behring P4-AR.

Pirates have been known to roam and harass honest citizens exploring Crusader space. Wise pilots should be on their guard.

Approaching the atmosphere of a planet or moon too closely will result in your ship receiving a warning, and if you continue flying toward it for too long, your ship will begin to rattle apart and be destroyed.

This is not how the functionality will work long term, and is temporary for the purposes of testing.

This will also happen if you approach the edge of the Crusader system.

MobiGlas is now active, and can be accessed via “F9” hotkey.

The only applications currently usable are the Scheduler and Journal, which allow you to read and view the status of Missions as you receive them during gameplay.

This can be accessed all around the planetary zone, in EVA, and while in a space craft.

Viewing the MobiGlas UI while on-ship dims both the ship UI and visor to allow the MobiGlas UI to be visible.

The “Back” button for MobiGlas applications is located at the bottom-center of the screen.

Our first set of missions are now available around Crusader for players to test!

The first one is to repair the Comms Arrays in orbit around Crusader, which will allow other missions to be discovered.

You can track missions via the MobiGlas Journal application, by clicking on the yellow hexagon icon next to the entry for that mission.

Missions are generated and offered at-random, and some are much rarer then others.



The number of private channels a user can have or be a part of is now limited to 15.

Greycat Buggies now only spawn in the under-construction Galleria area of ArcCorp.


Crouch-walk animation for characters has received some quality of life improvements to allow it to flow better.



Fixed an issue with the Dumper’s Depot marquee loading in slower then other objects.

Fixed a collision issue that allowed players to trap other characters against the G~Loc bar counter.

Fixed a number of collision issues in and around G~Loc.

Fixed a number of art and texture conflicts around ArcCorp.

Fixed an issue where the wall-mounted fans in the back of G~Loc were not properly aligned to the wall.

Fixed an issue where a bright, flickering light was present outside of AstroArmada and casting strange shadows.

Fixed an issue where a player could see through their characters body when looking down.

User Interface

Fixed an issue where the “Pending Private Chat” invitation would show an “Accept” and “Accept” button, rather than “Accept” and “Decline”.


Fixed several server side crashes.

Fixed a number of issues with decals around ArcCorp.

Fixed an issue where players with SLI enabled would crash to desktop when attempting to join ArcCorp.
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Known issues

Welcome to our current list of known issues with the 2.0.0 PTU! This list is the most up-to-date issues affecting thePTU 2.0.0 client at the time of the patch, and will be updated daily as fixes are released and issues are found.

Star Citizen (both live and PTU) is an alpha game. As such there will be issues and bugs not on this list. If you want to contribute to the process of finding, diagnosing and fixing bugs, we strongly encourage players to take advantage of our new Issue Council to report them to us. As always, please don’t contact Customer Support to report game bugs, thanks!



Arena Commander

Social Module

Hangar Module


The Hangar elevator is not working and will cause a client crash when users attempt to use it to go to Crusader.

Please go to Crusader via the new Main Menu -> Universes -> Crusader option.


Character will load in to the Hangar in a T-Pose and be stuck for a few seconds before the user gets control.


There are strange red lights appearing in the Hangar Elevator.

User Interface

Holotable text is blurry and unreadable.

Arena Commander Module:


M50 is missing main thrusters and starboard side landing gear.

Damage states on the Gladius do not work in multiplayer.

Entering the Aurora while another pilot is entering the pilot seat causes the pilot to snap outside the cockpit.

The top speed for multiple ships is fluctuating in SCM mode.

Constellations will sometimes get stuck taking off from a landing platform.

User Interface

Avenger Stalker name appears as localization text.

Social Module/Persistent Universe:


You are unable to leave a Party after joining one.

Some of the encounter missions are on a very short cooldown.

/salute will t-pose the character instead of playing the animation.


Characters are invulnerable to FPS gun fire while in the pilot seat of multicrew ships.


Weapons will pop into place during select/deselect animations.

The P4-AR Rifle is not held correctly in zero-g.

Arclight energy pistol has odd firing behavior when character is in EVA.

Sprinting with the Arclight pistol forces the camera to lock and unable to look up or down.


AI ships will sometimes spin while flying.

Rolling around while prone will cause your character to appear T-Posed to other clients.

Voiceover audio for refueling/repairing/stations is playing globally for all players on the server.

There are occasional issues with doorways incorrectly showing outer space instead of the room beyond.

There is an occasional issue where the landing pad will “flicker” and appear black.

Audio issues with the P4-AR cause it to make a clicking sound rather then anything epic.

User Interface

Targeting reticle is missing when aiming weapons from the hip.

The helmet lining on the visor is not entirely fading out when you enter a ship.


Returning to the Hangar from Crusader crashes the client.

When returning to the Hangar from an Arena Commander game mode, the lobby UI does not display.

However if the client selects Electronic Access, it will place them back in their lobby.

When playing with SLI enabled, loading into a new map causes the screen to flicker for approx 10 seconds.

Repairing a Constellation or Retaliator can cause the player to disconnect.

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