Der PTU Patch 1.3.0 ist nun verfügbar


Bitte beachtet das dieser erste PTU Patch sehr instabil ist. Es ist möglich das der Chat und das das Matchmaking nicht Optimal funktioniert.

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Hallo zusammen!

 Wir freuen uns euch mitzuteilen das der PTU Patch 1.3.0 heute zum testen Online geht.

Es gibt eine große Menge an neuen Inhalten für den Arena Commander und für das Social Modul. Die vollständigen Patch Notes gibt es später. Hier habt ihr schon mal eine kurze Vorschau auf das was ihr erwarten könnt!


Dies ist nur ein kleiner Teil der Patch Notes. Wir werden die Seite zu den kompletten Patch Notes verlinken sobald wir sie fertig gestellt haben



– The Greycat Buggy has received an appearance, animation and handling overhaul.
– The elevator to Area 18 will now show all available instances of ArcCorp, how many people are present in each one, and how many people from your contact list are present.
– There is now a “Loadout Selector” located in all player hangar’s that will allow players to select what load out they will move around the Hangar and ArcCorp with.
– The Selfland Hangar is in the process of receiving a full relighting pass to improve the overall look and atmosphere. Not 100% implemented yet.
– Camera free-look can now be activated by “Shift+G”.
– “Ctrl+F” is now the hotkey to disembark a ship.
– Fixed seating in Retaliator and Gladiator and visual shaking inside Vanduul Scythe.



– The Behring C-788 Ballistic Cannon has been added to the game. This gun uses a S4 mount and fires at 2.2 shots per second.
– Size 4 fixed mounts for the Hornet and Cutlass Turrets have been added to accommodate the Ballistic Cannon.
– Apocalypse Arms WarSeries SZ4 Mass Driver has been added to the game. This gun uses a S2 mount and fires at 0.7 shots per second.
– Increased the health of all ships.
– Increased overall shield strength of all ships to reduce alpha damage and bring up survival.
– Missile damage has been increased slightly to keep pace with health and improve effectiveness.
– Missile lock time has been adjusted.
– Energy weapon velocities have been buffed across the board to be faster then ballistics. Our philosophy here is that as energy weapons do no damage until shields are down, it takes more hits by energy weapons to do real damage and accuracy is thus more important.
– Damage of energy weapons has been reduced slightly to compensate.
– Ballistic weapons have received a corresponding buff to their potential range so that they can potentially hit targets that are farther away.
– Plasma bolt range decreased by 30% for the Vanduul “Wrath” Plasma Cannon.
– Neutron bolt speed increased by 20% for the Vanduul “War” Neutron Cannon.
– Cutlass has received a minor tweak to its thruster gimbals to improve maneuverability.
– The following ships and all variants have received an update to their shield meshes and animations to better align with their ship models.
Avenger, Gladius, Mustang, Cutlass, Freelancer, 300 Series, M50, Gladiator, Glaive
– Increased the power draw of the M50’s engine. Decreased the strength of the M50’s power plant. These two changes are to ensure that the choice of mounting a weapon with high power drain vs one with low power drain on the m50 will have a meaningful affect on performance and speed.
– Interacting character animations have been updated for all flight-ready ships.
– “Look Ahead” mode is now turned on by default. It can be toggled on and off by “Right-ALT+M”.
– Weapon Gimbal Lock is now “Left-CTRL+G”.

– Fixed an issue where players would not be removed from Arena Commander for being idle unless all players in the match were idle.
– Fixed Tutorial – Chapter 3 where the missiles would sometimes not track the target correctly.
– Fixed an issue where weapons fire could appear offset from the weapon muzzle, when the ship was firing while moving.
– Fixed an issue where a ships target could be lost when increasing distance from target, despite target still being in sensor range.#
– Fixed an issue where projectiles fired from ship weapons would sometimes remain protruding out of the weapon they had been shot from causing damage or display issues.
– Fixed a black screen that would occur when joining a Lobby when GIM services are down.
– Added the ability for the Lobby to return an error if a client attempts to join while GIM is down.
– Fixed an issue where clients would sometimes get stuck on a loading screen, if they are connected to a instance that no longer exists.
– Fixed an issue where the client could black screen if the lobby service was not able to communicate with the instance manager.
– Fixed one lobby issue where the player Host would see a different map and rule for a match in the UI then the players would. This would happen when a host created a game, left, and entered or created a new lobby.



– ArcCorp, Area 18 is expanding! The new Galleria area is currently under construction, but available for exploration.
– New emotes have been added to the game.
/agree, /angry(1-3), /attention, /blah(1-2), /bored (2), /bow(1-6), /burp, /cheer(1-8), /chicken, /clap (5-7 are new), /come(1-4), /cry, /dance(1-6), /disagree(1-3), /failure, /flex(1-3), /flirt, /gasp(1-5), /gloat(1-4), /greet, /laugh(1-3), /point(1-4), /rude(1-3), /salute(1-2), /sit, /sleep, /smell(1-2), /threaten(1-2), /wait(1-2), /wave(1-2), /whistle(1-2)
– The maximum character capacity for Area 18 has been increased to 40.
– Fully functional Greycat Buggies have been added around ArcCorp and include a functional passenger seat.
– The Greycat Buggies in ArcCorp can explode and be destroyed when they impact at high speed.
– Players will now be removed from Area 18 due to inactivity after 15 minutes. An inactivity warning will be displayed 1 minute prior to removal.
– Falling out of the terrain will now kill players, and revive them in the Area 18 Medical Unit.
– The chat UI has received a graphical overhaul. New features for the chat interface include multiple tabs for conversation management, private conversations, and a contacts list that can be extended or retracted into the UI.
– The new default hotkey for the contact list is now “F11”.
– Augmented Reality has been moved to the “F10” hotkey.
– Fixed a number of texture conflicts and lighting bugs in ArcCorp.

Quelle: RSI


PTU 1.3.02

// End Transmission

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    Nur mal ein kleiner Hinweis, ein changelog, das nur per Copy&Paste eingefügt wird, sollte besser verlinkt werden.
    Besser wäre es, es zu übersetzen und auf das Original zu verlinken. Nicht jeder ist sehr gut der englischen Sprache mächtig. Ich klammere mich damit zwar aus, da ich beruflich auch viel mit englisch zu tun habe, aber stilistisch ist es auch ein Graus der Wechsel zwischen englisch und deutsch.
    Nur mal als konstruktive Kritik gemeint.

    • Cpt. Adama
      Cpt. Adama

      Hallo El-Sabre,
      wie du eventuell weißt, übersetzen wir diese auch stets. Hier ging es aber erstmal darum die Leute zu informieren, dass der Patch nun da ist. Da hätte man die Notes auch theoretisch rauslassen können. Wenn allerdings die vollen Patchnotes veröffentlicht werden (was bis Dato noch nicht der Fall ist), werden diese auch hier in deutsch zu lesen sein.
      Cpt. Adama

  • Avatar

    🙂 Also Patch Notes zu lesen und zu verstehen ist dank Google Translator jetzt nicht gerade schwer…

    Ich finde es toll, wenn News hier sofort, zeitnah vorliegen, da ich mich kaum auf der RSI Seite bewege.

    Gruß Matuff

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