Arena Commander Version 1.1.6 kommt auf die Live Server – Neuer Launcher wird benötigt

Hallo zusammen und einen schönen Donnerstag!

Wir werden den Live Service um 3pm CDT/8pm GMT Offline nehmen um die Version 1.1.6 mit dem neuen Launcher der  Version 2.3.4 Online zu bringen.


Dieses Update erfordert unbedingt die Launcher Version 2.3.4 da ihr euch mit der alten Version nicht mehr einloggen könnt.

Für alle, die die Launcher Version 2.3.4 noch nicht haben, empfehlen wir:

Installations Option 1 (Clean Install … wir  empfehlen diese Option!):

1) Deinstalliert die alte Version des Spiels.

2) Sobald dies erledigt ist, ladet euch die neue Launcher Version bei herunter.

Installations Option 2 (Die Dateien einfach drüber Kopieren)

1) Installiert den Launcher von

2) Sobald der Download beginnt, schließt den  Launcher.

3) Kopiert den Inhalt der alten SC Installation in [Installationsverzeichnis] CitizenClient in euer neues  SC Installation Verzeichnis unter [Installationsverzeichnis] Star Citizen Public.

4) Startet  den Launcher wenn der Kopiervorgang abgeschlossen ist.

5) Löscht  die alte Version des Spiels.




Launcher v2.3.4 Fixes, Workarounds, and Known Issues:

– Windows 10 now supported. SSL issue fixed by moving files to supported location on Amazon Cloudfront.
– Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 users may need to install the 3.5 .NET Framework at
– Failed to Backup Bootstrapper. This occurs in v2.3.4 but the download will continue.
– Unsupported Pak Signature. Delete each file affected and restart the Launcher. 
– Audio crash if sound system is set to 192kHz. Lower the sample rate to 96kHz or lower. 
– Blinking dot, no client version shows. We’re attempting to reproduce this locally and will fix ASAP. 
– Heavy HDD usage on some 7200rpm drives. Investigating. 
– In rare cases, an APPCRASH for subprocess.exe with faulting module of libcef.dll occurs. The Launcher uses Chromium; we’re investigating now. 

1.1.6 Game Balances, Additions, Changes, and Fixes:

• Added matchmaking logic that will match players against each other based on past performance
• Added the ‘press x to ready up’ to all game modes
• Vanduul AI tolerance has been increased when under fire to allow them stay in combat a bit longer
• Raised victory score requirement in Battle Royale from 15,000 to 45,000
• Lowered victory score requirement in Squadron Battle from 100,000 to 75,000
• Squadron Battle now requires 4 players before the game mode will start
• Capture the Core now requires 4 players before the game mode will start
• Score values for ships has been lowered due to matches ending too early
• The tutorial will now reload missiles in areas where running out gates progression
• Fixed a number of issues that would cause backend servers to crash
• Fixed an issue that would cause GIM to hang and require it be manually restarted
• Constellation Aquila now spawns with the new Merlin model in the hangar
• Fixed an issue that was causing the Merlin thruster nozzles to spawn inside the engine housing
• Made additional fixes to issues causing audio to drop out





Übersetzung: SCNR

Quelle: RSI


// End Transmission

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